Lebanese Kodaly awarded Future Destination to produce its new website design

Posted by admin | On: Oct 15 2012

Lebanese Kodaly awarded Future destination to produce its new ecommerce website , a unique music educational community. You may listen to sample music, browse sample books, watch workshops videos & much more…etc

The Lebanese Kodály Society was founded in 2000. Its purpose is to promote Kodály’s concept of “Music for Everyone” through the improvement of music education in schools in Lebanon and the Arab world.

The Lebanese Kodály Society will continue to serve an important role in music education in Lebanon and the Arab world in the 21st Century. That role will be to:

Advocate quality music education which includes:

  • Quality repertoire drawing on the best in folk and composed music;
  • Music literacy and skill development;
  • Development of individual musicianship through singing, movement, listening, reading, writing and creating;
  • Inclusiveness reflecting the cultural heritage of the school community;
  • Social development through group and individual self-expression;
  • Personal growth through artistic performance;
  • Each individual should be afforded the right and the opportunity to develop his or her musical gifts;
  • Music education is an integral part of the normal school curriculum;
  • The need for musical expression, inherent in every human being should be satisfied; room should be made for authentic musical material that has educational value; as a step towards understanding between people, school song books, in addition to indigenous musical heritage, should contain songs selected from all over the world.

In service music educators through assistance to the schools and through publications;

Facilitate an evolving approach and adapting learning experiences to contemporary teaching trends (collaborative learning and assessment);

Continue to provide a clear focus on the philosophy for Kodály-inspired music education;

Promoting the production and publication of quality music materials that are produced as a result of a genuine musical impulse;

The Lebanese Kodály Society provides music books and supplements to many schools in Lebanon, Arab world, USA and Europe and other countries.

At the ease of your mobile, shop music educational materials online & get it delivered at your door. Enjoy!

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