Automated backup

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Automated backup is no longer an option! When was the last time you backed up the important files on your computer? Avoid loosing emails, offers, agreements, important documents, Accounting data, Inventory data, photos, videos, financial documents, mp3 files,...

Rio 2016 Branding Case Study – Inspiring

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THE PROCESS RESEARCH, BRAINSTORMING, CO-CREATION. THE TÁTIL WAY OF BUILDING A BRAND By using design and branding as powerful tools, Tátil designs ideas that connect people and brands in a sustainable fashion, creating memorable experiences.Tátil believes that...


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In Android Design, Action Bar is one of the important UI elements for great app. Besides providing navigation feature to the user, Action buttons in the Action Bar is crucial in user interaction as well, which provides great user experience if it’s done right....

Lebanese Kodaly awarded Future Destination to produce its new website design

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Lebanese Kodaly awarded Future destination to produce its new ecommerce website , a unique music educational community. You may listen to sample music, browse sample books, watch workshops videos & much more…etc The Lebanese Kodály Society was founded...


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Firedancing at the Temple For the full Burning Man set. Cool atmosphere! Photo taken by : Trey Ratcliff Share this:Share